INDEX MUMAI-Office Furniture Exhibition

2019-12-30 11:17:15

International furniture exhibition theme in Mumai, India

--International furniture exhibition, the international furniture hardware and accessories show

Annual one of India's Mumai international furniture exhibition held in October 2016

 was held in international exhibition center in mumbai, India, this annual event will adhere to 

the previous level and popularity,at the same time in order to open up India's furniture market 

provides a good opportunity.

Specialized: the exhibition brings together the furniture industry professional buyers and manufacturers and retailers, 
also undertake the history of the organizers for 26 years, has rich experience in furniture exhibition.

Effect is considerable: previous exhibition attracts more than 200 exhibitors, represents more than 400 kinds of domestic 
and overseas furniture brand, the exhibition area of 40000 square meters, it is worth mentioning that
 four days of exhibition attracted up to 25591 people, compared with the past INDEX200716174 person-time,
 this session of the audience had huge growth of 53%.

Organizers strength: the organizers and the Italian furniture industry association, the Brazilian furniture industry association, 
Taiwan furniture industry, trade unions, and maintain close cooperation good furniture chamber of commerce in Malaysia,
 guarantee of the exhibitors and visitors from different countries and regions

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